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    Best developmental training for players and coaches in CA! If you want your child to develop their skill, knowledge of the game, knowledge of the field, how to make solutions for their teammates and make better decisions during state of play then know FSI will be able to attain this development for your child. As a coach I am able to take my team to next level play and myself to next level coaching! One thousand thank you’s FSI !Stacie
    I wanted to congratulate you on having brought FSI to the school.  As parents, we have been enjoying Seiji’s training and Seiji’s Saturday games and clinics.  It is really inspiring to be able to meet with renown French soccer players who are currently playing at teams like the LA Galaxy.  It also adds to the purpose of our children being at SDFAS to be able to have after school activities in French. Ludovic is also a very warm and enthusiastic coach whom the children really like.Tere
    I think it’s great that they’re giving back to the community and especially if it’s something they want to start, like, building a rapport here, I think it’s a good idea they’re giving back.Kelly
    It’s sounds pretty exciting. The level of play over in Europe is definitely higher than here in the United States, so we want to see what they have to offer.Debra
    The idea is to create the best model of youth training development in San Clemente. It’s not just about creating another soccer organization, it’s about raising the level of play in the local territory. We think that we bring some great experience.French Soccer Institute CEO, Alexis Gallice